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Offset Printed Lapel Pins are our most popular pin because they can incorporate detailed designs. 
Using the offset printed process we are able to print pictures, images, and camera ready artwork using a 4-color process. 

The image is offset printed onto the pin blank in your choice of gold or nickel (silver), then a clear epoxy dome is applied to protect the images surface. 

Die Struck Lapel Pins begin with creating the die of your lapel pin design. 
Then it is stamped using the die, creating an impression of your design in the metal. 

Shape-cutting molds cut out to the outline of the design shape. Plating is done next. All metal finishes available

Soft Enamel - A die is cut, then your image is stamped on the sheet of iron or copper, and cut out to the outline of the design shape.
Plating is done next, then the raised metal surfaces are polished to a luster finish while recessed areas are filled with a paint enamel.

Cloisonne lapel pins feature a high quality finish that is highly polished to a lustrous shine. 

Cloisonne lapel pins are struck from a sheet of metal, creating impressions of your design, while leaving raised outlines that will hold each color in place. 
Color is added and fired in a kiln to produce a deep color and high shine.

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