If your order is less than 2 weeks from your submission, it will be a Rush Order.
Fill out the form, including all parts that are applicable. We with then respond with a shipping time and cost.
Is a rush order more expensive? - Rush orders ship within 24-48 hours. We do not charge anything additional for rush orders other than the cost required for expedited shipping if needed. All rush orders must be prepaid. Custom orders are subject to additional lead time depending on the project. You will be notified of approximate shipping costs to be added to your order. 
Will my order arrive in time? - We will try our best to minimize the shipping cost with expedited production. We will ship with UPS express shipping, but are not responsible if the order is delayed by UPS.
How do I know you got my order and can do it? - We will always respond within 24 hours, but usually we will let you know the cost and time frame immediately. If you have not heard from us in 24 hours please call as the email may have not arrived. No Rush Order will start without an approved and paid invoice.